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Activated Kimchi Almonds

Activated Kimchi Almonds

Gut Feeling's Activated Kimchi Almonds are created using premium South Australian ingredients. 

Our almonds are first activated in a probiotic rich Kimchi brine then dusted in delicious kimchi flakes and Murray River Salt before being dehydrated to create that perfect crunch. 

Gut Feeling's Kimchi Almonds make the perfect healthy addition to your pantry or favourite platter and are gentle on the gut helping to support that good Gut Feeling!

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South Australian almonds, Kimchi brine (Cabbage, Daikon radish, Spring onion, Ginger, Garlic, Korean Chilli flakes, Cayenne pepper, Murray River Salt), Korean chilli flakes and Murray River Salt.

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We consciously source our raw ingredients from local farmers who use sustainable and ethical growing techniques. Thank you for supporting the real food movement.

Allergen warning: Product manufactured in an environment that may contain nuts