From Farm to Table

What are the benefits of eating fermented vegetables?

The fermentation process works as ‘pre-digestion’, breaking down the vegetables making nutrients more bio-available to the body and easier to digest. Vitamin content is also increased especially A,B,C and K.
By eating raw, fermented vegetables you are introducing beneficial bacteria to your digestive system, helping to balance gut flora, improve bowel health, aid digestion and improve immunity.

Are raw fermented foods for everyone?

Everyone’s belly has its own personality and will react to fermented foods differently. You may find that you enjoy both the flavour and effects of certain forms of probiotic rich products more than others. Stick to what works for you and of course what you enjoy.

Are fermented vegetables safe?

Very much so! When it comes to correctly fermented vegetables there is virtually nothing to be worried about. They have actually been said to be safer to eat than raw vegetables due to the biodiversity of ‘defensive’ bacteria.

Do you use Organic vegetables?

We have always done everything in our power to use only the best produce available. We don’t want chemicals all over the vegetables we eat and we’re sure our customers feel the same way. Wherever possible we buy certified organic ingredients but have found over time that we’re not willing to sacrifice the freshness and provenance for the certification. Setting up our kitchen on the farm at “Starlight Springs” has put us in an amazing position, giving us access to organically grown cabbages right on our door step.

Can I make them myself at home?

Absolutely! It can be fun to experiment with all sorts of seasonal ingredients and there is a certain satisfaction to making something yourself. Make sure you get the basics down pat, and let your senses guide your success.

My jar fizzed and bubbled upon opening. Is it safe to eat?

Through the process of fermentation Carbon Dioxide is released (as well as other bi-products). Our products are teeming with active beneficial bacteria so bubbling or fizzing can be a common occurrence and completely safe to eat.

What is the recommended daily intake of fermented vegetables?

If you’re new to fermented vegetables it is important to introduce them into your diet gradually and in small amounts. We would recommend incorporating 1 tablespoon at mealtimes and increasing slowly as desired. Although we do have certain customers who eat it straight from the jar…. You know who you are.

Do you use a starter culture?

No we don’t. We have all been given access to the wonderful symbiotic process of ‘wild fermentation’ and all we have to do is enable it. By doing so we are able to create fuller flavour, biodiversity of bacteria and a natural acidity. While products made using a culture starter can be made much faster, we believe a superior flavour and crunch can be achieved through the use of quality veggies, salt and patience.

How long will my jar of fermented vegetables keep in the refrigerator?

Fermented vegetables are intrinsically long lasting, originally crafted for use during the colder months when access to fresh food was limited. After opening a jar we recommend it to be used within 5-6 months for best flavour and crunch!

My fermented Vegetables have dried out on top are they still ok?

Yes. Top up your jar with a small amount of salt brine (approx. 1 tsp of salt per cup of water) and pour over to cover vegetables. It may slightly dilute the flavour, but it will give your product added shelf life.

Where can I learn how to ferment my own vegetables?

We believe sharing our knowledge is the best way to preserve knowledge and empower people to take control of their health. Regular workshop information and upcoming dates are available on our Facebook page.

Can I buy your fermented vegetables interstate?

Sorry, not yet. South Australia only at this stage.