The Farm
Starlight Springs

Harvesting organic cabbage
The Farm
Ian and Colleen have spent many years working the land at “Starlight Springs”. Treating the soil respectfully and allowing it to rest enables them to produce vegetables that are nutrient rich and of the highest quality. Specialising in unique heirloom vegetable varieties, they have become well known throughout the Fleurieu region. Their hard work definitely shows in the quality and taste of their veggies. It is truly a privilege to be working with them.

It all started with a conversation. I met Ian and Colleen at the Willunga Farmers Market. Always on the hunt for local produce that is grown ethically and without the use of harsh chemicals, I asked if they grew cabbages. The conversation was timely, Ian informing me there was a patch in the ground and ready for harvest. When I arrived at Starlight Springs I was blown away by the natural beauty, garden plots built to the lay of the land, around trees and lining creek beds. The cabbages were absolutely enormous, up to 7kg in weight, some of the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was in this moment that a beautiful partnership was formed.

We now source most of our raw ingredients from Startlight Springs and other local farms.
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